• schedule and prices



    The following are the prices for the yoga classes at the Yoga Cave:
    If you choose to pay for an entire month of classes in advance:
    Option 1: 2 classes per week - 8 classes per month = GEL 70 (Value of GEL 8.75 per class).
    Option 2: 3 classes per week - 12 classes per month = GEL 90 (Value of GEL 7.5 per class).
    Option 3: 4 classes per week - 16 classes per month = GEL 100 (Value of GEL 6.25 per class).

    Option 4: Unlimited pass for a month = GEL 120.

    Payment must be made for the entire month in advance.
    There is no refund, if you miss a class. But you can take the class with another group at another time at your convenience to substitute for the missed class.
    If you cannot commit to paying for a month of classes in advance, you can pay each time you attend a class:
    Option 5: 1 class = GEL 12.