• schedule and prices

    The following are the prices for the yoga classes at the Yoga Cave:
    If you choose to pay for an entire month of classes in advance:
    Option 1: 2 classes per week - 8 classes per month = GEL 100 (Value of GEL 12.5 per class).
    Option 2: 3 classes per week - 12 classes per month = GEL 130 (Value of GEL 10.83 per class).
    Option 3: 4 classes per week - 16 classes per month = GEL 140 (Value of GEL 8.75 per class).

    Option 4: 5 classes per week - 20 classes per month = GEL 150 (Value of GEL 7.5 per class)

    Option 5: Unlimited classes per month = GEL 180

    Payment must be made for the entire month in advance.
    There is no refund, if you miss a class. But you can take the class with another group with the same teacher at another time during that month at your convenience to substitute for the missed class. If you want to combine classes of different teachers, please consult with the teacher first.
    If you cannot commit to paying for a month of classes in advance, you can pay each time you attend a class:
    Option 6: 1 class = GEL 20.