The system of “Yoga in Daily Life” is systematic and graduated, integrating all areas of life and offering something valuable for each phase of life. Regardless of age or physical constitution, this system opens the classical path of Yoga to all. While completely true to the authentic tradition of classic Yoga, it is designed to meet the needs of our modern times. It is a holistic system of health, encompassing the science of body, mind, consciousness and soul. The design of this System offers gradual and steady development, regardless of the practitioner's age or physical condition. It is open to everyone. Regular and dedicated practice of Yoga in Daily Life will reap many benefits.

    The System consists of eight progressive levels. Every session in each of the eight levels starts with anti-stress relaxation. Relaxation is followed by the practice of Asanas (postures), the practice of Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Self-Inquiry Meditation techniques. These techniques evolve in complexity as practitioners advance through the System. Practice of the eight levels of the System provides the practitioner with the ability to inquire more deeply into the spiritual aspects of human existence.


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